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EC Projects for Asylum Seekers and Displaced Persons
Co-financing Support European NGO's
Evaluation of PSO Programme
Swiss NGOs' Best Practice
Programme and policy evaluation of the NMCP
Rio Grande Valley Project Evaluation
IPTA/OE Evaluation
Facilitation of Self-evaluation El Taller NGO
IPTA/OL Evaluation
Social Action Programme (SAP-II) Pakistan
Population Survey Northern and Central Oman
Socio-economic and Demographic Base-line survey Senegal
HIV/AIDS Share-net Evaluation
China Country-led Evaluation
Result-oriented Planning by Royal Netherlands' Embassies
MIS Dutch Minstry of Foreign Affairs
Performance and Impact Evaluation for PLAN Bolivia and The Netherlands

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In the left column we give an overview of our experience. Many of these assignments were implemented before Especs was created. However, all of them were implemented under the supervision of at least one of the present senior staff of Especs.

Not all of the assignments listed concern evaluations. The descriptive (Base-line) study of the socio-economy of the Basse-Casamance (Senegal) and the study estimating the total population of Northern and Central Oman are examples in this respect. These are included because they illustrate the experience gained over the years in dealing with complex issues in a methodological sound manner. However, the great majority of the examples concern evaluations.

The examples illustrate the great diversity of evaluations in which Especs or its senior staff have been engaged. This diversity does not only concern a variety of methods and techniques (desk studies, surveys, case-studies) but also the scope of the evaluations, the subject matter and cultural heterogeneity of the stakeholders.

The studies included many conclusions and findings. Only a few of these conclusions are mentioned in the summary descriptions in order to give an indication of the scope and content of our portfolio.


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