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The European Society for Programme Evaluation and Capacity Strengthening (Especs) is established in the Netherlands. We specialize in evaluation methodology; the methods and techniques that should make sure that evaluation studies yield conclusions that are relevant, true and reliable. We provide evaluation consultancy services, both in the preparatory phase of evaluations (e.g. drafting Terms of Reference) and in the implementation of evaluation studies. We can draw on our affiliations network to deploy the best-suited content-specific expertise (e.g. education, health, organizational functioning). In addition we develop and conduct training courses on various parts of the evaluation process.

Especs was established in 2002. It specialises in evaluation methodology especially but not exclusively for policies, programmes and projects which are related to socio-economic development. This specialisation reflects our conviction that relevant, reliable and valid evaluations should be based on a sound methodology. Obviously, a sound methodology is not sufficient for a good evaluation. There also should be a thorough knowledge of the subject-matter. Therefore Especs co-operates with others (persons and organisations) who avail over the expertise required for evaluations.



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