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Welcome to our website. The European Society for Programme Evaluation and Capacity Strengthening (Especs) is established in the Netherlands. We specialize in evaluation methodology and provide evaluation consultancy services and in addition we develop and conduct evaluation training courses.

The "Articles" in this Web-site introduce some parts of the Especs approach. It is meant for all readers with an interest in evaluation. If you would like to comment on one of the articles, or if you would like to submit a contribution, please activate "contact us".

Those interested in our services and our training activities will find more information under the "assignments" and "training" links. The "about-us" link gives information on our company and staff. 

For more info about Especs see >> About us  or >> Contact us

The importance of good Terms of Reference (ToR)

Evaluation studies are usually commissioned on the basis of ToR. Writing good ToR is not easy, especially for larger and complicated evaluations. Especs offers services for drafting such ToR and has developed training modules on writing ToR. For more info see >> The Importance of good Terms of Reference

The relevance of evaluation

Evaluation is relevant, firstly it is the basis of systematic research and secondly, evaluations respond to the increased priority given to accountability. To meet these two requirements, evaluation should be based on solid methodology. For more info see >>  The Relevance of Evaluation

Qualitative and quantitative evaluations

There is a considerable difference between qualitative or quantitative evaluations. This difference concerns not only the methods to be applied, it also has to do with the organisation of an evaluation, the kind of expertise required, and the funds required and available. For more info see >> Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluations

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