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Bosrand 28
6718 ZN  Ede   
The Netherlands


P.O.Box 430
6710 BK  Ede
The Netherlands

Tel.:   + 31 (318) 613 704
Fax:   + 31 (318) 613 257





We are in the process of activating
a bulletin-board to display your reactions, to share your comments on Especs articles, and to provide an opportunity for you to post your article on evaluation. For the time being you are requested to send your comments or articles as attachment to an e-mail.

Especs B.V. is registered in The Netherlands                 
Trade Register: 09129426,   VAT: NL 8108.70.344.B.01
Bank: ING Bank, Ede.  Account No.   BIC: INGBNL2A    

We gratefully acknowledge the use of copy-right free photos from public domain sites; NASA, US Department of Agriculture, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, Stock.XCHNG, and www.greekphilosopher.com, www.Bigfoto.com, www.pdphoto.org and www.amgmedia.com sites.

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